Through years of experience Gen USA has collaborated and developed agreements with companies and experts in a wide range of sectors. Our partners share with us professionalism and experience; their expertise is often essential for companies starting their process of internationalization in the United States.

STUDIO ZETAPI: partner for certificates, labelling, and compliance for production processes to export food products

Food products that are shipped from Italy to US that are not in complete compliance with FDA regulation will be rejected or destroyed.

Studio Zetapi is a team of qualified professionals that provides services to allow agribusiness companies to be in compliance with FDA regulation and export any kind of product safely.

Specific training courses can be organized based on companies’ needs. Some specific examples include: Food Safety Plan, Food Defence Plan, Foreign supplier Verification Program, FDA labelling.

For more information, contact us at [email protected] or +39 02 36587412

INJOB, partner for recruiting in the US

The recruiting process in the US is very different from Europe: we recommend relying on professionals able to select the most suitable personnel for your company.

InJob is our partner for recruiting services: they are a team of highly skilled international recruiters.

UNIVERSAL MARKETING: partner for the organization of international trade fairs and exhibition systems design

International Trade Fairs are one of the most important activities for promotional and commercial purposes for companies that want to sell to the United States.

Gen USA collaborates with Universal Marketing, a company with specific know-how and experience in booking and designing exhibition systems.

ITMAS and BRUZZONE: partners for storage and shipment all over the US

One of the fundamental requirements to work efficiently in the US market is having a warehouse to manage product storage.
Quick handling and management of orders is important to guarantee efficient customer service, a driver of choice for potential American clients.
The most efficient and affordable solution is to rely on a partner in the US that can manage product storage and shipments.

Gen USA works with qualified partners ITMAS and BRUZZONE, two transportation and logistics companies with years of experience in the sector. They have warehouses in strategic points all over the US and manage the whole distribution process.

ARHMF, Partner for work visa requests and other legal services

In order to permanently live and work in the United States it is necessary to request a visa. There are different types based on the role (entrepreneur, manager, employee, etc.) and the activities to be carried out.

Requesting visas is a complex process that requires planning. Timing to obtain the visa is variable and depends on the thoroughness of the documents and the competence of the person presenting the request.

Gen USA’s partner for this service is ARHMF, a multi-practice business law firm made up by a team of attorneys with years of experience in the field.


The aim of the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy is to facilitate economic and cultural relationships between the United States and Italy while promoting and safeguarding the interests of its own members.

Starting from January 2020, Gen USA will be a member of AmCham: thanks to this partnership, Gen USA will be able to increase its clients’ chances to access the market with success.


While approaching International markets, Italian Trade Associations also play an important role: they support member companies that want to sell products overseas.

Confapindustria Piacenza collaborates with Gen USA to give complete and thorough information about the US market.

A practical example of this partnership is Emilian Way Consortium (www.emilianway.com). They allow member companies to reach the US market through activity and cost sharing.
Gen USA hosts the Consortium’s legal entity and manages all day-to-day activities in the US.