Gen USA will support you with detailed scouting of potential companies to acquire in the US, and guide you with the due diligence process.

Most companies, even if offering an innovative and competitive product, need a presence in the US for at a least a phase of the production process. In order to completely succeed in the development of the market, companies need to implement a sales structure, acquire a mother tongue marketing and commercial network, and guarantee local customer service. A local entity removes most of the certification problems including work visas for foreign staff, customs duties, and shipment costs.

This process is simplified and accelerated if a company in the United States is taken over: the commercial network development gets easier and faster thanks to the marketing and sales network already present in the US. This represents a valid alternative to Joint Ventures with US companies that could become complicated due to the different entrepreneurial mentality.

Acquiring an enterprise in the United States that produces or assembles parts for the European company following US standards is a great solution, especially for companies operating in the mechanical and automation sectors. In these industries technical assistance, and assembly or finding materials in the US is needed to operate a successful business.

There are some fundamental steps required to take over an enterprise in the United States. First, scouting must be carried out to understand if there are any compatible target companies. Once a selection is made, the proposal and negotiation phases begin, followed by the due diligence process that allows GEN USA to evaluate the company’s status.

Thanks to our years of experience and US branches, Gen USA is able to support companies through the steps needed to acquire a company in the US.