Application for Work Visas

In order to work in America, you need to apply for a work visa for the United States. In recent years, the procedures for applying for visas have become even more complex and the checks of the necessary documents particularly capillary, therefore they should not be taken lightly. The timing for obtaining it varies: it depends on the competence of the person presenting the application and on the completeness of the documentation. In order not to risk being rejected and further lengthen the times, it is therefore important to rely on professionals who are able to manage the procedures in the best possible way.

Gen USA proposes itself as a single point of contact for the management of the application for work visas for the United States, supporting companies in choosing the most suitable type for preparing the files.

There are various categories of work permits, so it is essential to choose the most appropriate based on your personal and business situation, in order not to risk being rejected.

The most applicable work visas for companies are:

  • B1
  • E1 and E2
  • L1 (A and B)

These are all visas that fall into the “Non-Immigrant” category: this means that under American law anyone applying for a visa is considered a potential illegal immigrant. The questions posed during the interviews will therefore have the objective of evaluating the applicant’s intentions and removing the suspicion that he wants to emigrate permanently to the United States.

There are no precise indications on which documents to present at the appointment to demonstrate the will (and above all the need) to return to Italy once the visa has expired, therefore it is advisable to follow some suggestions to ensure that the interview proceeds without complications:

  • Respond clearly and concisely to the questions asked, to avoid raising further questions;
  • Present yourself as calm and confident before, during and after the interview: the duration of the interview also depends on this;
  • Do not lie. Visa Officers are experts in body movements and facial expressions, so it’s easy for them to tell if you’re lying.
    The complexity and level of detail of the questions also depend on the type of visa being requested, so it is very important to prepare adequately for the interview, contacting experts who know how to advise on how to behave.

Gen USA has been dealing with the application for work visas for the United States for years, supporting companies throughout the process: from choosing the visa, to preparing and submitting the documentation, up to preparing for the interview at the embassy.