The fundamental steps to start a business or implement a production site in the US

Starting any kind of activity in the US, whether a gelateria or a production site, requires some fundamental steps to be followed:

    1. Carry out a market analysis to study market potential, competitive context, target, pricing, supply chain, and the legislative and technical requirements needed to sell and produce in the US
    2. Scout for funding available both in the US and Italy: they often support companies that want to invest in a production site
    3. Create a 3-5-year business plan to define investments, cash flow and the economic/financial impact of the entire project to reach the break-even point
    4. Design an action plan with all the activities, times, costs and managers necessary to carry out the next branch opening
    5. Identify a person inside the Italian company and a person in the US that will be responsible for the project from the beginning to the end
    6. Supervise the plan during the process of implementation; identify possible problems and correct them if necessary.

Thanks to our years of experience, knowledge of the market, and presence in the US, Gen USA is able to support companies interested in expanding their business to the US. The staffs working both in the US and Italy carry out some of the fundamental activities needed to start business activity in the US:

    1. “Site selection” to identify target stores or production sites
    2. Scouting and selection of funding both in Italy and US to handle the investments required to implement the project
    3. Creation of a legal entity in the US
    4. Acquisition of licenses and permits required to start business activity
    5. Support during the process of certification of machineries, plants, or single products
    6. Legal and operative offices (Gen USA makes its structures and staff available and offers clients the opportunity to allow Gen USA offices to host their business)
    7. Support in requesting work visas to transfer people from Italy (commercial or productive personnel)
    8. Selection and supervision of warehouses
    9. Selection of engineering companies to implement the production plant