Feasibility Plan for the US Market: Why it Matters

The process of internationalization towards the USA requires a scientific approach and medium-long term planning (at least 3 years). Gen USA supports companies by developing feasibility plans to export to the United States, which allow you to:

  • Analyze the market in detail to know the competitive landscape and the requirements needed to export to the United States
  • Based on the market analysis, plan a suitable US market entry and development strategy
  • Defining and optimizing the financial and human resources necessary to carry out the internationalization activity, so as not to find yourself unprepared
  • Reduce the time required to reach the project break-even point
  • Planning the implementation of a manufacturing site in the United States

The feasibility studies elaborated by Gen USA

The feasibility studies elaborated by the Gen USA team consist of four documents:

  • Quantitative and/or qualitative market analysis of the reference sector, with the aim of knowing the competitive context and identifying the “conditio sine qua non” to enter the USA.
    • “Go-to-market” plan to define the marketing strategy to enter the US market on the basis of the information acquired through the market analysis, the objectives and the resources available to the company.
  • Business Plan for at least 3 years, in which the export strategy to the USA is defined: investments, cash flow and economic-financial impact of the entire internationalization project. Furthermore, this document is the starting point for the search for incentives and is part of the documentation necessary for a possible loan request.
  • Action Plan, i.e. a detailed list of activities, times, costs and resources necessary to achieve the set objectives.

The preparation of an accurate feasibility study is essential for planning the internationalization process towards the United States in a structured way. In fact, it allows for the detailed identification of investments and resources that will be used in the project, allowing the Italian management to have complete awareness of the extent of the investment, limiting risks and uncertainties.

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