Hiring a permanent sales manager in the US can be very expensive. Our services allow you to sell in the United States for a lower cost.

This service is aimed at giving the client a short list of distribution players or commercial partners with whom starting a negotiation. This involves:

  • Obtaining “contact details” of key managers of the main distribution players
  • Contact with potential partners to evaluate:
    – How the client company’s products align with the distributor
    – The minimum requirements of the distribution players to collaborate with the client company (e.g. stock need, exclusivity, re-branding possibility, etc.)
    – The minimum requirements of the company client to collaborate with the distribution player (e.g. distribution capillarity? Volumes, minimum turnover, absence of competitors products, etc.)
    – Real interest shown by the distribution player to have a meeting with the company client’s management.
  • Create a meeting agenda between the client company managers and the distribution partners

During the process, checkpoints are set up to check that our research aligns with the contractual expectations.

The outsourcing service allows a client company to quickly open a commercial office in the United States without initial investments, and while keeping the client company structure flexible.

Gen USA provides a Sales Manager for the clients. The advantages are::

  • Immediate start of the sales process and quick penetration of the market
  • Maximum containment of market development costs
  • Management of businesses and activities in the US
  • Maintenance of structural flexibility (no direct personnel or other fixed assets)

Sales manager’s tasks are to:

  • Verify the marketability of the products (competitive and technical analysis)
  • Identify the most suitable distribution channels
  • Create a database of buyers/distributors/final clients
  • Find the first commercial contacts for sales
  • Create a stable sales network, identifying suitable commercial figures to affiliate with the client company (distributors/retailers etc.)
  • Take part of Trade Shows or visit distributors, if required.

The sales manager usually has:

  • U.S. citizenship, to best interact with other American companies and potential business partners
  • A part time or full-time permanent contract – at least six months – with Gen USA and is “rented” to the client company
  • Headquarters in the Gen USA offices
  • A mid-senior profile is able to start a commercial negotiation.

The sales manager salary consists of both a fixed and variable fee depending on the goals reached. The variable fee will not exceed the fixed one.

The Joint Venture includes Gen USA in the turnover and / or fiscal year result of a European company that intends to commercialize and / or produce its products from a U.S. branch.

Gen USA carefully selects potential companies and their products/services to sell as a result of market analysis and tests made directly in the US for a limited period of time. The market test is at the expense of the client.

If the test results are positive, Gen USA will consider creating a joint venture with the client company and provide its resources for startup and commercial development in the USA.

This service allows companies to sell their own products to American clients through:

  • Amazon USA, or other ecommerce platforms
  • The company ecommerce website, with a warehouse in the US territory

Thanks to ecommerce platforms, it would be possible in theory to sell products to American clients from Italy, but in practice the process is very difficult for the following reasons:

  • Shipping times are very long, and it is impossible to guarantee a delivery date
  • It is not possible to guarantee the customer service that American clients expect (returns, technical questions, etc.)
  • American clients are usually reluctant to buy from a company that has no presence in the US market
  • Shipping single products from Italy can be very expensive

Gen USA provides a turnkey solution to solve all these problems:

  • Establishment of a legal entity for the client company in the US
  • Product storage in suitable warehouses
  • Product placement in ecommerce platforms (Amazon USA, etc.)
  • Orders and customer service management, administration and logistics
  • Product compliance with local laws (e.g. FDA, label check, etc.)
  • Promotion activities on social media
  • Analysis and editing of the company ecommerce website, according to US expectations and structure

This solution is suitable if sales are organized through Amazon USA, local ecommerce platforms or the company website.

Products sales and the acquisition of new, previously unreachable clients are not the only advantages of Gen USA: our services allow client companies to check the appeal of products on the US market at a low cost. Clients can perform market tests before later selling through other kinds of commercial channels (e.g. distributors, retailers, etc.).