Services aimed at guaranteeing support for companies that intend to start operations in the US and administer and/or manage a branch in the United States.

GEN USA is able to set up a legal entity, which can represent the subsidiary of the client company in the United States; the activities provided are:

Establishment of a legal entity (normally a limited liability company, a corporation or a Limited Liability company) whose presidents and managers are chosen by the management of the client company. Benefits include:

  • No minimum share capital is required
  • Set-up times are very fast (about 1/2 weeks)
  • Set-up costs are reduced (a few thousand $, one-off, inclusive of taxes)
  • Opening of bank current accounts.
  • Legal and tax assistance with regard to the definition of the legal form, the office, and the shareholders’ agreements.

There are many advantages for a European company, even a small one, to have a branch in the United States:

  • Customer service is more efficient
  • The legal, administrative, and logistic activities are very simple
  • Jurisdiction regulating contracts is faster and more efficient.
  • In the event of disputes of importance (e.g.: damages deriving from defective products) the American branch will be affected first, and only then the Italian one.
  • Considerable tax advantages.
This service allows companies to have a stable and continuous presence in the United States without necessarily having their own personnel and infrastructure. The service allows you to act as a local operator to guarantee essential customer service / back office services for customers. It allows your branch to have staff that will interact directly with the US market.

GEN USA activities related to this service are:

  • Hosting of the client’s branch at the GEN USA offices;
  • Management of daily and fundamental activities for the US branch, such as customer service and back office activities;
  • Assistance and execution of banking and bureaucratic procedures, accounting and financial reporting;
  • Personnel supervision / management for the US branch;
  • Assistance in the acquisition of certifications and adaptation to local regulations;
  • Order management / billing, customers, and credit recovery (if the company operates as a local entity);
  • Logistics supervision of products in US warehouses.

Gen USA will assign a well-defined resource present in the United States that will take care of the aforementioned activities, by name and on behalf of the client company.
This resource represents an operational arm of companies in the United States, guaranteeing their daily functioning.

There are many advantages to this service:

  • Lower costs compared to the management of property
  • Reduction of the unknowns present when entering a new market;
  • Reduced travel expenses for personnel.

This service consists of finding specialized personnel in the USA.

Based on the directions given by the client company, Gen USA will:

  • Carry out a brief analysis of the competitive context in which the company intends to enter the USA, to know the remuneration levels of the sector;
  • Draw up the profile of the ideal candidate, based on the technical knowledge of the sector and the psycho-attitudinal characteristics required for the activity he will perform;
  • Define the “target list” from which the candidate must come: geographical area, current activity of the candidate (e.g. entrepreneur, agent, consultant, employee of a competitor company, engineer or salesman), target companies (competitors, potential suppliers, potential customers, neighboring sectors, etc.);
  • Plan and implement the candidate search program through a variety of recruitment channels;
  • Develop the proposal to the candidate both from the point of view of professional development and remuneration (role and activity called to fulfill, fixed, variable, benefits, stock options, etc.);
  • Do interviews for the candidate’s initial screening;
  • Check the candidates’ professional and personal references;
  • Present a short list to management within which to select the chosen candidate;
  • Support the client company in the final selection interviews and in choosing the ideal candidate;
  • Support the client company in drafting the work contract.

Usually the candidate to be searched in the United States will have to have:

  • Technical knowledge of the sector in which the company operates;
  • Negotiation skills as it will have to interface with potential customers and proceed with the commercial development of the branch in the USA (typical of a country or sales manager);
  • Managerial / entrepreneurial attitudes as very often it will be called upon to operate in complete autonomy, especially in daily activities.

This service consists of searching for showrooms / warehouses on behalf of the client company.

In the phase of penetration and business development, the client company may need to have, in the geographical area where in the USA it intends to operate:

  • A showroom where to receive its customers and show their products (e.g. clothing, cosmetics, products for the retail market);
  • A warehouse where to stock their own products (at least those with high turnover) or spare parts of machinery installed by their customers.

The presence of a showroom / warehouse on the US territory is considered an essential requirement to operate effectively in the USA.

The showroom / warehouse must have characteristics that are functional, visible, easily accessible from airports or highways. Gen USA is able to:

  • Search for the showroom / warehouse consistent with the needs and characteristics indicated by the company;
  • Supervise this infrastructure from a logistical and operational point of view, on behalf of the client company.