Why should you expand to the United States?

The American market is the most important export market for European companies, for several reasons:

  • The US economy is in clear recovery, consisting of a market of over 325 million inhabitants with medium-high per capita GDP.
  • The political system is stable and attentive to the start-up of new businesses and the development of existing ones.
  • Americans view “Made in EU” and especially “Made in Italy” products as synonymous with quality, history, and culture.
  • The American bureaucracy has clear and simple rules, it is transparent and does not hinder development. It is at the service of companies and provides quick answers for authorizations and resolutions.
  • There are real incentives (tax discounts, subsidized loans, etc.) to companies that invest and hire local staff;
  • The cost of energy is lower when compared to European countries.
  • The labor market is flexible and oriented towards meritocracy and the development of the business.
  • Companies resolve disputes quickly; corruption is practically absent.
  • The tax impact on companies is significantly lower than in Europe, and especially in Italy.

Selling, producing and exporting to the United States of America successfully means expanding into the rest of the world. Many buyers (South American, Asian and even European) choose to purchase products from branches in the United States rather than Europe.

The potential gains from the US market make it the most attractive and competitive market in the world. It is, therefore, necessary to prepare an entry strategy through detailed market analysis and solid business plans.