• Gen USA is the bridge to the United States. We provide the tools necessary for companies to have a stable and lasting presence when selling, producing, and exporting to the United States.
  • Gen USA is focused exclusively on the US market: it is a guide that limits risks and variables for entrepreneurs in a very complex arena.
  • Gen USA is a “one-stop source” company. It offers a complete range of services to companies wishing to start a commercial subsidiary, implement a production site or simply sell in the United States.
  • Gen USA reduces entry costs and time, allowing clients to “host” branches at their facilities in the United States to avoid costly investments in offices and staff, supporting them with experience and know how.
  • Gen USA simplifies access to the US market. We handle the entire development process, from market analysis to direct implementation, on behalf of companies looking to expand their business to the United States.
  • Gen USA is managed by professionals ready to assist your company in all stages of development with their years of expertise and high level of competence.

Gen USA has selected and trained staff over the years with high levels of preparation and competence

  • Our partners were all entrepreneurs or managers in companies abroad. They know the difficulties entrepreneurs face when defining the strategies and investments necessary to develop a new market.
  • Each of our consultants is equipped with a specialized knowledge: market analysis, administration, marketing, logistics, sales, etc. and have specific competences in all company functions.

Our personnel’s presence both in Europe and the US guarantees stability for your American branch.

  • In the United States, our staff supports our clients and takes care of customer support, as well as administrative and logistic services;
  • In Europe, our staff is the reference point for our clients and works directly with them to share solutions and development strategies (such as market analysis and feasibility plans) for the US market.



Nicola is an experienced lawyer registered with the Bar Association of New York and Montreal. He was general counsel of leading companies (BASF Corporation, Montedison and Parmalat) where he dealt with supervisory authorities’ relations, bankruptcy procedures and related disputes (including class actions), as well as corporate and financial law. He has lived in the United States for over 25 years and is the author of numerous books and publications in Italian, English and German.

As an entrepreneur and manager in the metalworking sector, Vittorio has become an expert with the internationalization process. He specializes in the development of sales networks (direct or collaborative), strategic alliances, complex joint ventures, international relations, and in collaborations between networked companies.

As an international business strategy consultant for Gen USA, Vittorio carries out entrepreneurial, managerial, and communicative activities. He identifies innovative solutions for companies entering the US to improve market penetration.

Mauro is the executive director of GEN USA managing business development and market analysis directly with companies, trade associations, and business networks in Italy. He defines and shares the business plans and operational activities to be implemented in the USA with the headquarters of client companies.

Mauro has many years of experience in marketing / sales for Italian, US, and multinational companies including Vodafone and Hutchison Whampoa. Mauro holds a degree in economics and commerce from the University of Pisa and a master’s in business administration from the SAA-Management School of the University of Turin.

Ronald is a US citizen who has lived and worked in Italy for over 30 years. He has acquired extensive experience in large multinational FMCG companies such as P&G and Mattel Toys holding significant roles in sales, marketing and upper management.

As an entrepreneur he has been involved for over 15 years in all phases of innovation, design, development, international production, marketing, and distribution in a wide range of consumer business sectors across Asia, Europe and North America. He has also been a consultant in the agri-food sector assisting companies enter the US market. Ronald holds a BS in international marketing and finance from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

Adriano is an expert in logistics and supply chain management in the beverage industry. He has worked on the design and optimization of the logistic network of an important multinational with the aim of maximizing service while minimizing costs. Adriano has decades of experience in managing complex projects. He graduated with a degree in electronic engineering from the University of Bologna.

Kamal earned his first degree in Business Administration in the USA and his two Masters degrees (MBA & Tourism and Hospitality Management) in Milan. He is experienced in managing client operations including processing work visas, headhunting/recruiting, and marketing.

A graduate in International Relations and Global Affairs at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, Pamela works as an assistant for Gen USA in Marketing activities, both digital and otherwise.


Marco has a lot of experience working with start-ups focused on machines processing and packaging food products. He is an expert at expanding their presence in the US market and has many years of experience in upper management positions in Italian and foreign companies.

Marco works on sales development, internationalization, and market penetration programs in many foreign countries. Marco holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Bologna and a diploma in senior international management from Harvard Business School.

Andrew is an expert in business development for companies focused on equipment for commercial and industrial catering. He deals with the development and management of sales channels in the USA for various European manufacturers. In the last 20 years he has been an integral part of successful projects in both Europe and the USA. He graduated with a degree in linguistics and Italian and Brazilian literature from the University of California, Berkeley.
Christian is an American CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and business consultant with 24 years of experience in structuring, tax planning, and financial planning. Christian’s focus is assisting entrepreneurs, self-employed workers, and high-income professionals by reducing their tax debt by as much as 50%. This is achieved through the implementation of improved corporate structures and tailored tax strategies that are best suited to the client. Christian holds a Bachelor’s (Valedictorian) from Honors College, a master’s in accounting from the University of Illinois at Chicago, an MBA in finance from the University of Chicago, a law degree and Juris Doctor from Northwestern California School of law, and a master’s in tax law at the Washington School of Law.

Sofia has a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Language and Cultures and a Master’s Course in Export Management. Sofia is based in New York and manages operations for our clients.

Federica Chiarello works for Gen USA as Project Manager at the headquarters in NYC. She is a lawyer qualified to operate both in Italy and in the US, and she also has an MBA title from the Southern State University (San Diego, CA). She has been living in the US for more than 8 years, where she has worked as Marketing and Sales Manager for the branch of an Italian company.

Expat since 2016, Laura Pala has years of experience in customer service and customer management. For Gen USA, Laura is an Operations Manager based in NYC and takes care of customer service, logistics and back office for our customers operating in the food and mechanical sectors.

A graduate in International Management, Angela takes care of Accounting activities for Gen USA. Angela also has experience in customer service, payroll, logistics, and customer management.

Loredana is Operations Manager based in the United States and takes care of customer service, logistics and back office for some of our clients.

Federica is Operations Manager based in the United States and takes care of customer service, logistics and back office for some of our clients.


Gen USA LLC is part of a large and rapidly developing network that supports companies expanding into international markets. Gen USA uses similar operating methods and services in all territories while adjusting for the differences of each market.

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