Recruiting in the United States

To effectively oversee the American market, where a stable presence and direct relationship are essential, it is often essential to hire local personnel who can deal with commercial development or after-sales activities in the United States.

However, identifying professionals in line with both the needs of the Italian company and the specifics of the sector in which it operates is not easy in such a distant market. In fact, when it comes to work culture, there are substantial differences between Italy and the United States, which should not be underestimated when looking for personnel overseas.

How our recruitment process takes place in the United States

Therefore, in order to select suitable profiles, a deep knowledge of the work culture in America is needed. Thanks to its experience and know-how, Gen USA is able to seek personnel specialized in commercial development in the United States: Brand Ambassadors, Sales Managers, sales engineers, Country Managers suitable for the management of a commercial office, plant managers suitable for the management of a production site, etc.

Based on the indications provided by the management of the client company, our team deals with the identification and selection of professional figures operating in America, carrying out the following activities:

  • Preparation of a brief analysis of the competitive context in the United States in which the company intends to enter, in order to know the salary levels of the sector;
  • Drafting of the profile of the ideal candidate, based on the technical knowledge of the sector and the psycho-aptitude characteristics necessary for the activity that he will be required to perform, including:
  • Expertise in the sector in which the company operates;
  • Essential negotiation skills for a Country or Sales Manager
  • Managerial and entrepreneurial aptitudes necessary to carry out daily activities independently.
  • Definition of the “target list” indicating the origin of the candidate:
    • Geographic area
    • Current activity (e.g. entrepreneur, agent, consultant, employee of a competitor company, engineer, salesman, etc.)
    • Target companies (competitors, potential suppliers, potential customers, neighboring sectors, etc.)
  • Planning and implementation of the candidate search program through various recruitment channels;
  • Preparation of the proposal to be presented to the candidate, with indications both from the point of view of professional development (role and activities to be carried out, objectives, etc.) and remuneration (fixed salary, variable, benefits, etc.);
  • Interviews for the initial screening of candidates;
  • Verification of professional and personal references of candidates;
  • Preparation and presentation of a short list to the management of the client company, from which the most suitable candidates will be selected;
  • Support in the final selection interviews and in the choice of the ideal candidate,
  • Support in drafting the employment contract.

The search for personnel in the United States is carried out by the Gen USA team in constant collaboration with the client company: intermediate check-points are foreseen in which we meet with the Italian management to understand if the search is going in the right direction.

Furthermore, in the event that the employment relationship between the new hire and the company is interrupted in the first 6 months of hiring, a new search will be carried out free of charge.

Thanks to the knowledge of the American market and the resources present in the United States, Gen USA is able to carry out both commercial and managerial personnel searches, in line with the needs of the client company.

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